WKD added for my email

1 minute read Published: 2023-03-15

Inspired by this toot on Mastodon, I have added the Web Key Directory files for my email address: this will make easier for smart email clients to retrieve my PGP public key without having me sending it around or having the email sender retrieve it manually.

The Web Key Directory (WKD) is stupidly simple to configure. There are two ways to do that, a "Direct" way and an "Advanced" way, both easy but the Direct way is even easier because it doesn't require configuring a virtual host on your web host (and since I host my website on pages.sr.ht this is mandatory).

I won't go through the procedure because it is explained in many blog posts, take this one for example.

Worth noting that retrieving the public key from the WKD must be supported by the email client. For example Thunderbird and KMail will work but Google Mail is notably absent in this list of email clients and services supporting it.

Happy sending PGP encrypted emails!