Stop using Slack already!

2 minute read Published: 2021-03-22

This is a pet peeve of mine, so it'll be really brief.

Slack is a proprietary software for businesses, for the enteprise world. They have a free plan to allow people evaluate the product. Slack was bought by Salesforce in December 2020. Salesforce is one of the biggest business solution provider.

I think we can all agree on that, I hope so far nothing controversial.

Now, why in the world should a new Slack workspace be opened for every small projects kickoff discussion and brainstorming?

A room on is perfectly fine for that. An IRC channel, even! It takes exactly the same number of seconds (if not less) to get together using these solutions than accept a Slack invite, create and verify the account. The only difference is that everytime you enter in a new Slack workspace you are harassed by all the "welcome" nags and popups.

If a project then starts and gets momentum, it may make sense to use a more business-oriented solution (Slack has many interesting features and integrations).

I'm not even pointing out any of the non-technical reasons to not use Slack (plenty of them 1), I'm just pointing out the fact that we mindlessly use the same products we use for work also for non-work purposes.

I see what these solution providers are doing: it's the same story since the time people learned to use MS Office and now are not willing to use anything else:

I use it at work, works fine, it's free (*) so I'll use it
also to discuss a couple of kickoff ideas with my buddies

(*) conditions apply

I'll cut it here because I promised to be brief :)


Proprietary platforms can lock you out. Slack client's heavy footprint. Unclear data usage policy. Workspace admins can snoop into DMs. Unnecessary gamification of the UI.