GitHub to Sourcehut migration tool

2 minute read Published: 2022-08-14


I'd like to introduce a new tool. The goal of this tool is to export from GitHub issues, comments and labels and migrate them to Sourcehut issues tracker,

Binary releases are at this link: Release v0.1.0 (sources)

At its core, this tool is simply a GraphQL client that pulls stuff from GitHub and pushes them to Sourcehut, just using HTTP calls and interfacing to both servers with GraphQL query language instead of the more common REST.

I started looking into GraphQL a while ago for other projects and it was a pretty nice learning experience. I find that the tooling in Rust around GraphQL to be good enough. While I was writing this client I kind of imagined the complexity of the backend part, something I'm not yet really looking forward to experiment with right now.

I hope this little project will grow and people find it useful. I'd be really happy if anyone having some spare time would give it a whirl and test it. Any feedback is valuable and appreciated.

The tool does more or less everything I had in mind so I have not yet made up my mind on opening an issue tracker or not: for the time being a simple email will do.